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World MMA Rankings

By: John J. Kesler

We all know about Anderson Silva’s latest antics and most recent fights; the most recent of which being the amazing come-back win over Chael Sonnen. A fight in which he earned a tap out victory with two minutes remaining in the fifth round over the tired, but proven, warrior in Sonnen who dominated the entire fight.

However lopsided the first 23 minutes of the fight were, Silva remains undefeated and champion of the extremely talented middleweight division. We see that as more then enough reasoning to put him atop the list of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world.

Here are John Kesler’s top 10 pound-for-pound fighters in the world:

1. Anderson SilvaSilva never loses

2. G.S.P.

3. Fedor

4. Brock Lesnar

5. Alistair Overeem

6. Rashad Evans

7. Nate Marquardt

8. Muhammed Lawal

9. B.J. Penn

10. Ben Henderson

Following right behind Silva in the pound-for-pound rankings is the world famous heavyweight, Fedor Emelianenko, who is also near the top of the UFC heavyweight rankings. Fedor cannot be the heavyweight champ many people believe he should be unless he decides to accept a fight against the current champion.



At the top of all the heavyweights in the standings right now is Brock Lesnar, who seems unbeatable since his first loss at the hands of Frank Mir. Lesnar is currently waiting on the next top heavyweight contender the UFC decides to throw at him after putting away undefeated top-contender Shane Carwin, in a fight which was Carwins’ longest of his career.


Light Heavyweight

In the light heavyweight division the belt is currently occupied by UFC champ Shogun Rua. Personally I don’t believe that will last too long with the up comer and my personal favorite for over a year now, Jon “Bones” Jones. Jones is rising quicker than anyone can believe and is already ranked fourth in the weight class.

Coming in at eleventh on this list is Muhammad Lawal; a fighter I think has massive potential. Although I don’t believe anyone outside the UFC can or should be at the top of any rankings, I do believe this guy can make his way up a little farther than where he’s at now.



As mentioned previously, the middleweight class is currently dominated by the champion Anderson Silva, who has bragging rights to almost anything in the UFC these days. We just think Silva is simply “A Bad dude.”



This brings us to the welterweight division where we have the champ, GSP, who seems like he will be on top forever. St-Pierre is an all-round fighter who always seems prepared to defend his title.

A new person in the number two spot is Jon Fitch who just defeated Thiago Silva, and is ready to fight for GSP’s belt. Going down the list a little further, but not one to forget, is the 14th ranked welterweight Carlos Condit. I’ve seen all three of Condit’s UFC fights, and I am ready to see how he fairs against his next competitor Dan Hardy; who comes in on the list five spots ahead of him at nine.


In the lightweight rankings we still have B.J. Penn at the top of the rankings despite his recent loss, and title loss to Frankie Edgar, who is currently third in the standings. The lightweight champion is third in the rankings???? Simply put, I think Penn has his belt back at the next opportunity.


Keep an eye out!

Despite this man being ranked twenty-eighth in the rankings, I can see W.E.C.’s champion Ben, or Benson Henderson, moving his way up the standings quickly and easily making a move to the sister organization U.F.C and being an immediate force. There are my rankings for all the weight classes that have fighters tough enough to make their claim as “pound-for-pound champion” of the octagon. As always, thank you for reading our blog and check back regularly for more of the best MMA coverage on the web along with breaking news and upcoming events.


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