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Competition for the UFC?

The past fifteen years have seen MMA rise to a successful and highly promoted sport. One major reason for this is the UFC, which reigns supreme among all other mixed martial arts organizations. The UFC’s big names and stacked fight cards have made them the top dog of the MMA world. They have some of the best and most popular, fighters, promoters, match makers, cut men, and of course, ring girls. You name it, the UFC has not just it, but the best of it.

There is still hope for other organizations. Personally, I love the UFC and think they will stay on top for a very long time. However, that might not be the case as small fight promotions are starting up everywhere looking to take the crown. It will be a tough task to accomplish as the UFC has made a name for itself and is run by a guy like Dana White.

To show how tough of a task it will be, I will simply type one word—Affliction—lol. Affliction is known as a clothing line with some cool shirts and jeans that have to be making them money. They have been the favorite of MMA fans everywhere. So Affliction should stick to clothing. In 2008, Affliction thought they had a chance of being a successful fight promotion and started their own organization. The UFC then in return banned them from sponsoring any fighter under contract with the UFC. Affliction did have some big name fighters and put together some pretty hefty fight cards. For the two they actually had anyway. The payroll of the big fighters and the low income from sales led to the promotions downfall in a short stint of time.

 Dana White is a business man and knows what it takes to keep his business afloat. The purchase of the WEC by Zuffa, which is the sports promotion company that owns the UFC, made the WEC and UFC sister organizations and also boosted their exposure to a higher level with better television deals. This also made it harder for other organizations to get T.V. deals.

 There are many organizations out there that could easily rise to the top and become big. There is one particular organization I have my eye on. That would be Bellator Fighting Championship. Bellator already has an exclusive television deal with ESPN Deportes. In their second season, they expanded to NBC and FOX Sports Net and soon hope to get into pay-per-view. The organization has four weight classes but has held fights in various weight classes and even has women fighters. Roger Huerta didn’t renew his contract with the UFC in hopes of a modeling and acting career but when he did get back into MMA, he chose Bellator. With a middleweight champion like Hector Lombard, it is very possible for Bellator to become a big name organization and have people loving them.


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